5 Best Bathroom Appliances for Everyday Use

The bathroom is arguably among the most underrated, yet very useful rooms in the whole house. After all, this is one of the most secretive areas of your house. This is enough reason for you to ensure that your bathroom has enough accessories that it needs. From the most powerful electric shower to the basic toothbrush holder, these accessories will completely transform your bathroom.

With that in mind, here are the 5 best bathroom appliances for everyday use that you out to have.

1. Electric shower

When it comes to the simplest pleasures of life, nothing comes close to a long, hot shower. Whether you’re looking to relax a bit after a tough day or seeking a morning boost before going to work; having a powerful electric shower can do ‘magic’ to your mood. You’ll not necessarily find combi-boilers fitted in most old buildings. Therefore, an electric shower is a good alternative for instant hot water. That being said, there is an array of electric showers to choose from. Here are some of the best electric showers you should try:

  • Aqualisa Quartx
  • Triton Seville
  • MX Group Inspiration QI
  • Bristan BL3105 B Bliss
  • GROHE Tempresta Cosmopolitan Shower System

2. Soap and toothbrush holder

You don’t want to wake up in the morning and start searching for your toothbrush or soap. Obviously, brushing your teeth is arguably the first thing to do after waking up. For this reason, you should make sure that all your mouthwashes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and tongue cleaners are kept together for easy accessibility. Finding yourself a dental hygiene kit – toothbrush holder can save you a lot of stress.

Also, you should ensure that your bathroom has a fully functional soap dispenser or holder. After all, soap is one of the most basic requirements in the bathroom. Place your soap holder or dispenser in the shower room. In fact, you can choose to place it beside the washbasin.

3. Towel bar or ring

Can you imagine a bathroom without a towel holder? Well, the market is filled with an array of towel holders made of different materials and models. In fact, some people even decide to build/buy shelves to keep their bathroom towels. In that case, you should place it closer to the bath tab or outside the shower room to easily access your towels after a shower. All in all, choosing the best towel ring or bar is always dependent on your style.

4. Mirror

This is also another very important accessory that must be mounted in your bathroom for your day to day use. In fact, a bathroom without a mirror can be very dull. Since you always spend considerable time in your bathroom, choosing the right mirror is very important. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes and should mainly be placed above the sink. That said, you can choose to mount a simple mirror frame or put them inside a separate cabinet.

5. Tissue box cover

Lastly, a tissue box cover is an unavoidable thing to have around your bathroom. In fact, if you choose an appropriate tissue cover or case, it can add to the style and elegance of your bathroom. Tissue covers are available in different materials such as ceramic, wooden, steel, marble – you name it. The correct tissue cover must surely fetch you some compliments.


So, did we mention your most basic bathroom appliance? Well, having some or all of these appliances will most likely make your bathroom to be a fun place to be. In addition, they’ll go a long way towards making your bathroom look organized and beautiful. As usual, you can always add or comment on our list by leaving us a message in the comments section below

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Top 7 Vegetables To Grow in Your Garden

If you’re thinking about starting vegetable gardening at your home, then that’s a smart idea. Apart from providing you with endless supply of nutritious diet, vegetable gardening can easily save you a lot of money. Now consider this; you do not have to frequently visit the grocery store for tomatoes or cabbages since they are readily available and fresh from your backyard.

If you plant it right, you can have so much to eat for you and your family. Keep reading as we take you through the ultimate list of the top 7 vegetables to grow in your garden.

1. Tomatoes

This is one of the most popular plants to be grown by most people in their home gardens. Homegrown tomatoes should be one of your main reasons to get into vegetable gardening. Nothing is as sweet as a ripe and warm tomato fresh from the sun. 

Apart from being great antioxidants, they are very nutritious with plenty of fiber, minerals and vitamins. You can choose to grow them in containers of different varieties. However, always be on the lookout for hornworms and blight.

2. Carrots

Nothing tastes as sweet as crunchy carrots fresh from the garden. Freshly harvested carrots are rich in fiber, vitamins, potassium, manganese and niacin. However, they are very high in sugar, so you should limit the amount you eat.
Carrots can be grown in containers by sowing seeds 2-3 inches apart. Shorter varieties like Denvers Half Long and Thumbelina are the best option. Also, do not let them overstay in the ground as carrots are tastier when harvested small.

3. Red bell pepper

Red bell peppers are rich in nutrients such as vitamins (A, B6 and C), potassium and riboflavin. If you take one cup of this nutritious vegetable, you will be tremendously increasing your daily allowance of vitamin A and C.

4. Kale

Kale comes in different varieties such as Tuscany, curly green, Russian and scarlet. The best part is, it will keep on growing more leaves from summer to spring even after being harvested. However, you should avoid stripping the plant bare.

5. Broccoli

This popular vegetable is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins (A, B6, and C). In fact, taking one cup of its raw florets can increase your daily vitamin C intake by 130%. Broccoli can be planted in containers with each plant having its own pot. However, you should watch out for cabbage worms. Also, always cover them with a lightweight bed sheet or floating row cover.

6. Beetroot

One of the main advantages of growing beetroot in your garden is that the leaves can be eaten as well. When added to salad, young beets are very delicious. Beetroots are very high in vitamin C, potassium and iron. By eating its leaves you will also add vitamin A and B6, zinc, calcium and magnesium. 
That said, beetroots can be grown in containers by placing its seeds 3 inches apart in a 12-inch deep container. Also, harvest them when small because this is when they’re tender and sweet.

7. Peas

Nothing has tender sweetness like peas freshly plucked from your own garden. This delicious plant is rich in vitamins (A, B6 and C), potassium, magnesium, fiber and iron. You can grow them in containers and provide support for them to climb up. However, peas should be grown during cold weather such as early spring or late summer/autumn.

Do you like that ultimate list? well, there are plenty of nutritious vegetables you can grow in your home garden. However, planting these 7 vegetables will guarantee you the best result. Simply pick one, two ore even all from the list above and enjoy nutritious and delicious meal from your own garden.

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